The safety² test & mainten­ance planner module

Monitor, Maintain, Optimize.

Efficient control over inspec­tions and maintenance.

Reliable recog­ni­tion through digital testing and mainten­ance management.

With the safety² module inspec­tion and mainten­ance planner, you can digit­ally record all objects and work equip­ment subject to inspec­tion, store check­lists for them and automat­ic­ally assign them at specified inter­vals if necessary. 
The integ­rated reminder tool ensures that no legally required inspec­tion cycles are missed. 

Seamless monit­or­ing of objects and work equip­ment with the safety² module inspec­tion and mainten­ance planner.

With this module, you can document, manage, and centrally analyze all pending inspec­tion, mainten­ance, and repair tasks. Keep an overview of inspec­tion and mainten­ance inter­vals with the overview page, assign actions to individu­als, and create your own check­lists if needed.


Creation of work equip­ment, inspec­tions, and mainten­ance tasks.


Coordin­a­tion of inspec­tion and mainten­ance intervals.

Testing Area

A dedic­ated space for testers.


Creat­ing your own check­lists for testing and mainten­ance of equip­ment and objects.


Import of file attach­ments in various formats, such as: .jpg, .jpeg, .mp4, .xls, and more.

The safety² module test and mainten­ance planner captures and manages all objects and work equip­ment subject to testing in your company. This module allows for test inter­vals and check­lists to be stored and automat­ic­ally presen­ted again after set inter­vals. The test reports are documented in a legally secure manner. A separ­ate data area for testers simpli­fies admin­is­trat­ive efforts.

A reliable inspec­tion and mainten­ance manage­ment ensures that all opera­tional require­ments and legal regula­tions are met. 

With the safety² module Inspec­tion & Mainten­ance Planner, you can ensure that all inspec­tion and mainten­ance inter­vals are adhered to, and assign inspec­tions and mainten­ance to the correct individu­als. In addition to import­ing check­lists and attach­ments, it is also possible to create custom checklists.

The Module
in Action

Software developer Peter Schmidt explains what makes this module so special.

In the devel­op­ment of the safety² module Inspec­tion & Mainten­ance Planner, it was crucial for us developers to signi­fic­antly reduce the admin­is­trat­ive effort for EHS respons­ible persons and increase control over inspec­tion and mainten­ance sched­ules. The result is an intuit­ively operable module that intel­li­gently links objects and tools with legal regula­tions, deadlines, sched­ules, and people. The module includes a partic­u­larly conveni­ent area for inspectors.

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