The Safety² Software Module Instruction

Convey knowledge, support action.

Secur­ity through digital train­ing. Create train­ing in an easy-to-under­stand, clear and struc­tured manner, getting straight to the point. 

100% fulfill­ment of your train­ing obligation.

Tailored workplace safety through seamless commu­nic­a­tion – measur­able train­ing successes for internal and external employ­ees. With custom­iz­able train­ing topics and plans, as well as learn­ing success controls and train­ing certi­fic­ates. Automate your train­ing oblig­a­tions with the safety² software module for trainings.

Here you can quickly and easily create your own train­ing topics and sched­ules, check the status of train­ings and gener­ate evidence.

Safety through Knowledge:
Targeted Train­ing with safety² 


The safety² train­ing module allows you to conduct digital train­ing sessions for employ­ees and contract­ors, either in person or as a conveni­ent web-based train­ing through your company’s intranet or inter­net. You’ll be able to keep track of parti­cipants, areas, and depart­ments, and even track their success through perform­ance evaluations.
Train­ing Plans

Creation of train­ing plans for your own company and for external companies.


Creation of individual train­ing and educa­tion topics
Optional: Haufe train­ing templates


Deliv­ery of personal train­ing and instruc­tion via intranet or internet.

Web Based Train­ing via Intranet oder Internet 

Quick overview of compan­ies and departments.


Creat­ing train­ing and educa­tion proofs.

Control function

Graph­ical repres­ent­a­tion of effect­ive­ness monitoring.

Import function

Various inter­faces for differ­ent import formats

Create your own train­ing topics for employ­ees and external compan­ies, track and document the progress of train­ing digit­ally. That’s what our safety² software module Unter­weisun­gen (Train­ings) offers. With this module, you can reach all employ­ees and fulfill your train­ing oblig­a­tions 100%.

Document­ing train­ing securely for revisions

Stream­line your train­ing processes and reliably fulfill your train­ing oblig­a­tions. Trust in our EHS software solution to conduct and track train­ing and instruc­tion seamlessly. With automated processes, you minim­ize admin­is­trat­ive effort and can rely on all proced­ures being revision-proof.
Simplify your train­ing processes and always stay on the safe side with safety² software module, Train­ing and Instruc­tion, that ensures compli­ance with secur­ity standards.

The Module
in Action

Software developer Peter Schmidt explains what this safety² software module can do for you.

With the safety² software module for train­ing, you can create your own safety-related train­ing and instruc­tion mater­i­als. The progress of the train­ing can be tracked and documented securely for revisions. Certi­fic­ates for train­ing and instruc­tion can be gener­ated. These train­ings can be conduc­ted in-person or comfort­ably through a web-based platform on the intranet or internet.

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