The safety² software module Audits & inspections

Check, evalu­ate, improve.

Complete control with a system. Manage, sched­ule and create internal or external inspec­tions and/or audits.

Excel­lent occupa­tional safety through intel­li­gent EHS management

Maximum secur­ity and compli­ance: Optim­ized secur­ity stand­ards and conform­ity through the proact­ive safety² module Audits & Inspec­tions. Organ­ize all your secur­ity checks centrally in the safety² module Audits & Inspections.

Here you can quickly and easily record obser­va­tions directly on site during the execu­tion of audits and inspec­tions, digit­ally document, evalu­ate and initi­ate neces­sary measures.

With the safety² module Audits & Inspec­tions, occupa­tional safety becomes predictable.

It enables targeted and efficient execu­tion of audits and inspec­tions to identify and elimin­ate poten­tial hazards. By regularly review­ing your secur­ity measures, you can identify problems early and initi­ate targeted improve­ment measures.

Compli­ance with prescribed guidelines and work instructions


Schedul­ing of regular audits and inspections.


Appoint­ment of respons­ible audit and inspec­tion assistants.

Quick Report­ing Function

Direct report­ing of observations.


Assign­ing to depart­ments and workstations.

Deriv­ing & Creating

Deriv­ing and gener­at­ing measures


Creation of audit and inspec­tion statistics.


Quick overview of all audits and inspections.

Our safety² module Audits & Inspec­tions recog­nizes poten­tial hazards, initi­ates measures, and monit­ors them. This module identi­fies and monit­ors risks, initi­ates measures, and documents safety checks and inspec­tions. Inspec­tions can be conver­ted into audits at any time.

Simplify Audits and Inspec­tions without Paperwork

Boost enter­prise secur­ity, ensure compli­ance and foster a trust­ing work envir­on­ment. Rely on our safety² EHS software solution to conduct audits and inspec­tions effect­ively and improve your safety perform­ance consist­ently. Enhance the efficiency of your audit­ing processes and always stay one step ahead when it comes to workplace safety and compli­ance in your organization.

The Module in Action
Peter Schmidt, software developer, explains what makes the safety² Module Audits & Inspec­tions so valuable for you.

The safety² Audits & Walkthroughs module allows obser­va­tions during audits or walkthroughs to be collec­ted directly on-site, digit­ally documented, evalu­ated, and neces­sary measures can be immedi­ately initi­ated. The integ­rated tools include, among other things, a reminder function for recur­ring audits and walkthroughs, automat­ic­ally alert­ing respons­ible parties, and gener­at­ing measures, statist­ics, and histor­ies from the collec­ted data. This ensures that you are always one step ahead when it comes to occupa­tional safety and compli­ance in your company.

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