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EHS manage­ment and compli­ance
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Power­ful modules for compre­hens­ive envir­on­mental, health, and safety management.

Capture and manage your occupa­tional safety manage­ment centrally and with audit trail. Create a safety-conscious corpor­ate culture. Choose your modules accord­ing to your require­ments for your custom­ized EHS management.

safety² basic module
Your new central hub with struc­ture and efficiency for your occupa­tional safety and health manage­ment. In the safety² basic module, all data is bundled, updated, and automat­ic­ally linked to your other modules.

The custom­iz­able permis­sions ensure 100% data privacy and secur­ity. The individu­ally custom­iz­able DMS enables uniform document­a­tion and facil­it­ates access to current policies and proced­ures for every employee, even from differ­ent locations. Of course, safety² is multilingual.

Identify poten­tial workplace risks and improve the safety culture in your company with this safety² module. Behavi­ors and events that indic­ate safety issues are captured and classi­fied. Action plans are quickly and automat­ic­ally gener­ated directly from the module.

Audits & Walkthroughs
The safety² Audits & Walkthroughs module manages internal and external audits, inspec­tions, or regular walkthroughs. This safety² module supports your control processes from planning to success­ful comple­tion of all measures – automat­ized, includ­ing archiv­ing, escal­a­tion notific­a­tions and check­list functions.

Risk assess­ment
The safety² risk assess­ment module captures, manages and evalu­ates risks in workplaces, tools and processes. The integ­rated traffic light function makes the module easy to under­stand. The assess­ments produced, combined with the corres­pond­ing safety² modules, lead to automat­ic­ally gener­ated operat­ing instruc­tions and training.

Operat­ing instruc­tions
The operat­ing instruc­tions module allows you to create detailed and custom­ized instruc­tions for all work processes. With just a few clicks, you can create clear and under­stand­able instruc­tions that help employ­ees perform their tasks safely and efficiently.

Instruc­tion Module
The instruc­tion module allows you to efficiently organ­ize and document train­ing sessions for your employ­ees. You can create targeted train­ing programs, provide relev­ant content, and track employee progress to ensure that all neces­sary train­ing has been success­fully completed.

The Quali­fic­a­tions module provides you with a compre­hens­ive solution for managing your employ­ees‘ quali­fic­a­tions. You can store and manage all relev­ant inform­a­tion on train­ing, certi­fic­a­tions, and skills in one central location. With a clear overview, you can keep track of your employ­ees‘ quali­fic­a­tions and take targeted measures for their devel­op­ment and resource planning.

Accident Manage­ment
The Accident Manage­ment module provides you with a compre­hens­ive solution for captur­ing, document­ing, and analyz­ing workplace accidents. Through rapid response and accur­ate records, you can take appro­pri­ate measures to minim­ize accident risks and ensure the safety of your employees.

Occupa­tional Medical Preven­tion
The Accident Manage­ment module provides a compre­hens­ive solution for record­ing, document­ing, and analyz­ing workplace accidents. With a quick response and accur­ate records, you can take appro­pri­ate measures to minim­ize accident risks and ensure the safety of your employees.

Testing and Mainten­ance Planner
The safety² Testing and Mainten­ance Planner module allows for the digital record­ing of all objects and work equip­ment that require testing. It ensures safety and compli­ance by centrally managing inspec­tion and mainten­ance activities.

External Compan­ies
The safety² External Compan­ies module is a compre­hens­ive solution for managing and monit­or­ing external service providers and contract­ors, includ­ing their certi­fic­a­tions and quali­fic­a­tions. With this central platform, you can keep track of all relev­ant inform­a­tion and ensure success­ful collaboration.

The safety² measures module is the intel­li­gent solution for planning, execut­ing and monit­or­ing measures. Here, all measures that are avail­able in the activ­ated modules are displayed. New measures can be defined, assigned to depart­ments and respons­ible persons can be set. The automated notific­a­tion system informs you about import­ant changes or upcom­ing deadlines.

Many advant­ages – one software

Are you ready for an intel­li­gent EHS management?

The efficient EHS manage­ment of the safety² EHS software simpli­fies the complex­ity of occupa­tional safety with the power of modular­ity. Custom­iz­able through the intel­li­gent build­ing block principle of safety². The power­ful modules stand for compre­hens­ive health and safety management.

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