The Safety² Software Module Qualifications

Recog­nize knowledge, promote skills.

Compet­ence Manage­ment for Sustain­able Secur­ity:
Efficiently Organ­ize and Optim­ize Employee Quali­fic­a­tion Management.

Sustain­able safety culture in the company through centrally documented qualifications

Precise linking of required work tasks with individual competencies:

The safety² software module Quali­fic­a­tions supports you in select­ing quali­fied employ­ees for specific tasks. Increase your efficiency, minim­ize occupa­tional safety risks, and enhance job protec­tion with the safety² software module Quali­fic­a­tions. It ensures that only quali­fied employ­ees or groups of employ­ees perform certain tasks. In combin­a­tion with the safety² module Train­ings, you will be automat­ic­ally reminded when certi­fic­ates or train­ings need to be renewed.

Secur­ity through targeted employee assignment

The safety² software module „Quali­fic­a­tion“ allows you to centrally manage and categor­ize all certi­fic­ates, quali­fic­a­tions, and certi­fic­a­tions of your employ­ees and external staff. When combined with the safety² „Train­ing“ module, the integ­rated reminder function ensures that all relev­ant quali­fic­a­tions are always up to date.

Creat­ing and categor­iz­ing qualifications.


Assign­ing skills and certi­fic­a­tions to employ­ees and groups of employees.


Link to the Train­ing Module and Employee Management.

Document Manage­ment

Storage of certi­fic­ates and attest­a­tions for employ­ees, external staff, and service providers.

Precise alloc­a­tion of quali­fied employ­ees to specific tasks and continu­ous monit­or­ing of the status of certi­fic­ates and train­ing. Our safety² software module Quali­fic­a­tions facil­it­ates the planning, track­ing, and updat­ing of the quali­fic­a­tions and knowledge of your employ­ees. All relev­ant specific­a­tions of the employ­ees are documented in a central data repository.

Digital Overview of all Employee Quali­fic­a­tions and Skills

Optim­ize your work processes, minim­ize risks, and create a safe working envir­on­ment by entrust­ing certain tasks only to quali­fied employ­ees. The safety² software module Quali­fic­a­tions is a vital compon­ent of your EHS manage­ment. It helps you to assign the right employ­ees to tasks and projects.

The Module in Action

Peter Schmidt, software developer, explains what distin­guishes the Safety² module qualifications.

The safety² software module Quali­fic­a­tions is the central, struc­tured overview of the quali­fic­a­tions and knowledge of each employee in the company, includ­ing external persons. The integ­rated filter tool allows for an individual search for employ­ees with specific quali­fic­a­tions or knowledge. Addition­ally, the software continu­ously monit­ors the status and valid­ity of certi­fic­ates and train­ing. This ensures that the relev­ant evidence is always current and valid. In conjunc­tion with the safety² module Train­ing, retrain­ing can be automated if necessary.

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